23881 Occupational health and safety in the organization. Practical manual. Y.S. Kalinin.

  • Место
    г. Санкт-Петербург
  • Издательство
  • Автор
    Ю.С. Калинин
  • Переплет
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  • Страниц
  • Год
    2013 г.
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    Описание товара:

    The present manual is worked out at numerous requests of OHS specialists. The manual is destined for English-speaking learners, who pass training according to the program (within the bounds of the program) "Occupational health and safety of the employees of organizations", according various sections of educational programs, including programs of raising the level of skill (professional retraining) "Safety of technological processes and production", and also for lecturers, carrying out such training. The structure of audience, for which the manual is destined, is diverse: heads of organizations and their deputies, employers - private entrepreneurs; chief specialists of technical and production profile; chief and specialists, carrying out organization and management of works on work places and in production subdivisions, also control and technical supervision of execution of works; chiefs and specialists of OHS services, members of OHS committees (commissions), OHS representatives (empowered persons) of trade unions or labour collectives. The manual consists of two parts: part 1 is devoted to basic principles of the labour relations, and part 2 - to foundations of organization of OHS activities at the employer. Peculiarity of the manual is accessible to perception schematization as simplified-and-generalized method of transfer of information, containing in the of legislative and other normative legal acts, containing norms of the labour law, on the ground of which outlines and tables are composed. Outlines and tables, included in the manual, are made on the basis of valid legislative and other norma-tive legal acts containing norms of the labour law.